World’s First Social VR Network

social vr network

Can you imagine what if Yahoo Messenger + The Sims + Video Chat are combined?

Meet vTime. A brand new social  VRnetwork that is 100% different from your usual social networks. It’s the first social VR network for Gear VR and VR Cardboards, which only costs you around $24. vTime is powered by Starship.

When virtual reality slays the market, there are always some people who will say, “People won’t have any social life anymore, technology disconnects people from real life, and blah, blah, blah,” but here’s what Starship CEO, Martin Kenwright, said,

“vTime proves that virtual reality doesn’t have to be isolating. We’re intent on creating a network in which conversation and communication is both natural and engaging, allowing our users to create a real human connection with vTime users across the world.”

Thank you, Martin, for s(l)aying that. It’s deep, and it’s changing.

I mean, one day, there comes a time when we have to say goodbye to friends or family, and we have to live far, far away, but we don’t want to change a thing. And now, through virtual reality—especially, vTime, we can meet with our family, our friends (or even a complete stranger!) wherever they are right now—in the same location, represented by an avatar that we will personalize.

And, that’s everything for all the people who got no time or money to travel to meet their family, best friends, and lovers.

The best thing about it: All you need is just your phone, VR Cardboards (which cost only around $24-$26), earphone with a built-in microphone. Meanwhile, the most interesting part is that you can choose the incredible virtual location, where is very immersive with its environmental sound, making you feel like you’re totally and literally there with your favorite people.


Here is one of our favorite locations on vTime, the sunset beach.

Social VR network

If you just get back from work or school and feel like so much pressured, this is perfect. (We love this location SO much!)

social vr network

If you and your friends are crazy enough, here’s all yours. (Can we say we love this one, too?)

social vr network

God. It’s like we want to show you all the locations because we love them all!

social vr network

Sorry, couldn’t help it.


How to use this social VR network called vTime:

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Just like any popular social network, vTime is easy to navigate. If this is your first time, all you need to do is follow the instruction to set up an account. After setting up through your e-mail, come back to the app, choose “Cardboard”. When the split screen comes up, place your phone in your BeThere Book. Personalize your avatar and welcome to a brand new social network.

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PS: You can use it without VR Cardboards, but you better try with it because the locations are amazing.


We love vTime because…

1. We love social network, we love virtual reality. How can’t we be in love with vTime?

2. We love almost everything in vTimes: the available locations and how they feel alive, the environmental sound, the gesture while we’re talking and moving our heads, the concept, and all.

3. After reading people’s review about vTime, we are suddenly in love with how vTime is so caring for the users. It’s like every little suggestion is taken into consideration. When something doesn’t work well on a user’s phone, they are really working hard on it. The result? Most of the users are satisfied. What could be better?

4. We can take a vSelfie! (Please, don’t judge.)


What we expect from vTime in the future…

1 There are 12 available locations now, and we cannot wait for more locations! Good news: vTime has confirmed that they are constantly adding new destinations.

2. The rain! Isn’t it fun to talk with someone under the pouring rain? (Plus: Without getting wet and cold.)

3. Hope we can choose people from any region. Here’s what vTime said, “That’s something we are looking at doing in the future.” Woohoo!

3. Though the graphics are computer-generated, it’s still amazing enough to immerse you into the virtual world. However, we believe, one day, we can have a real-life destination. Meeting a sweetheart in Paris, talking with best friends in Japan, and more—isn’t it cool?

4. Right now, it’s limited to four people to be in the same room. We are actually okay with that because, seriously, it’s good enough and more focused. Nevertheless, we are wondering how if we can meet many complete strangers in a virtual park and try to make a friend with one of them.


What people say about this social VR network…

 “Stargazing with my sweetheart in another country.”

“This is the best, I think. The best in any VR application on Play Store.”

“It’s awesome. No doubt in that.”


We love you, vTime! Please keep on growing, you will go far and phenomenal!

Watch the video below to know how this social VR network looks like:

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