Never ever show this app to your sister or daughter because…

funny vr reaction

If you want to hear Mariah Carey reaching a high note at your house, just show one of the scary virtual reality applications to a teenager girl.

We could tell that because we just got a video on YouTube, uploaded by Lego Lover, a dad of a teenager girl. He showed his daughter a virtual reality horror application through a virtual reality viewer. He was also the one who recorded it.

But his daughter reaction was out of expectation: She reacted to the virtual reality just like Mariah Carey’s reaching a high note… or someone’s giving birth?

Because all she did was holding his mom’s hands so tight.

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And, she screamed so loud, like she was hurt.

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But maybe it was great to feel the pain because she just couldn’t stop using the virtual reality viewer.

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She was fine after that, but his father’s earing didn’t.

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Watch how her scream reached the high notes, higher than Mariah Carey’s.

Download this scary VR app on Play Store or AppStore.

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