Public Speaking for Introvers: A Trick That People Never Tell You

It’s 2016. Practicing in front of your mirror isn’t enough.

Well, you only need one secret trick that you haven’t tried before: Try to speak in a virtual world with virtual people. It’s very easy that you almost don’t need anything. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Take your Android phone or an iPhone.
  2. Download and install an application called Public Speaking for Cardboard on Play Store and App Store. It’s free, anyway.
  3. Open the application.
  4. Take any edition of BeThere Book dan insert your phone into the book.
  5. Use BeThere Book right in front of your eyes. Now look around for 360 degrees and… you’ll find yourself on a stage. Look at the crowd in front of you. Try to speak. Can you?

Yes, Public Speaking for Cardboard is a virtual reality application that will help you to overcome your fear in public speaking. There are eleven important features in Public Speaking for Cardboard that can enhance your public speaking. Like…

PS: We’ll call it “Public Speaking VR”.

1. Have a meeting in your office tomorrow? Choose a Set Located in Oxford, England.

The room looks exactly like a meeting room. There are eleven people inside. All eyes on you. You’ll find a laptop on a table, in front of you, that will count how long you talk. (I mean, when we talk in front of the mirror, we usually forget about the timing.) The best thing about it is that you can see your presentation on the wall. Move your head to the left a little bit to see it.

2. Have a job interview tomorrow? Well, you should try the panel on Public Speaking for Cardboard.

Public Speaking VR

First off, you will choose the position and the office you’d like to apply. And, welcome to the interview panel. 🙂

3. If tomorrow is the first time you speak in front of many people, such as in an event or in a conference, choose “San Jose, California”.

Public Speaking VR

You’ll stand on a stage, and there are 92 people waiting on your speech. Just like any conference, you will see your presentation on the big screen. Just move your head for 180-degree.

4. Just like any virtual reality application, Public Speaking VR works in 360-degree.

public speaking vr

And, you will feel like inside once you wear BeThere Book. You can turn around. From the left, to the right, up and down—literally everywhere.

5. In Public Speaking VR, you can use your own presentation

public speaking vr

Yes, you read it right: You can use your own presentation and bring it to the virtual world. We will write a tutorial on how to use your presentation in Public Speaking VR soon.

7. Award room

This is where you maintain your practice. Are you determined enough in mastering public speaking? Are you doing good so far?

8. If you’re feeling like you’re not good enough, go to the training room.

public speaking vr

Nobody’s in the room, but you will see many tips and trick about mastering public speaking, as you turn your head around. It helps a lot. (Btw, this is one of our favorite rooms.)

9. The people are moving, just like in real life.

public speaking vr

And, just like any meeting, conference, or interview, you will see how the people behave, that may make you distracted and more nervous—but that’s the challenge. You can’t get that in front of the mirror.

10. Sound distraction

Yeah. You’ll hear a sound just like in real life. This will definitely help you focused on your words—not people’s words.

11. More features, new environments.

Just like any great application, VirtualSpeech, the developer of Public Speaking for Cardboard, will always keep you updated with the new features and work for the issue you’re facing. And, here are the new features they are currently working on:

(1) Record your voice

(2) Variety of new environments

(3) Wedding environment.

We. Can. Not. Wait.


What people say about Public Speaking VR…

Guys, are you serious?! This is great! And it has so much potential. Congrats!

This is really great for practice. Putting my presentation on the screen is an awesome feature. I have my whole team practicing with this app.

Love the idea. Tracking and selection work flawlessly. The app is well supported and the devs are quick to respond.

What we love about Public Speaking VR…

What can we say? This is like the perfect app for everyone who wants to overcome their fear in public speaking. Moreover, we love how the developer is very helping when the users are facing the issue.

What we expect more from Public Speaking VR…

Well, what they’re currently working on is definitely our expectation. Can’t wait for the recording feature!

What you say about Public Speaking VR…

Let us in the comment below!

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