11 Amazing Places You Could Actually Visit from Your Room

Bob is just like you.

When he woke up today, he hated that it was already Sunday.

Like, time, please, I need more holiday. I need to escape.

But he gotta go back to work tomorrow. Definitely no time to travel.

He stood up, reaching the door, but he found something on the table, beside the door.

bethere book travel edition

He had never seen this kind of book before. Feeling curious, he opened it.

bethere book

He saw a QR code, so he took his Android and scanned it. A 360-degree video on YouTube app was opened in his Android. There’s a sign to put his phone inside the book.

He followed the instruction and wore the glasses inside the book.


Man. Is this even real?

Wearing that glasses felt like taking him inside into a whole new world.

A whole new world that brought him to 11 different breathtaking places on Earth from his room.

He didn’t even feel like he was in the room anymore.

He felt like he was in…

The amazing place 360 #1:

The mother of a breathtaking view. Iceland.

He flew over Iceland above the clouds. He watched the large field that is so green and wide like it has no end. All the greens harmonized with the clear puddle, the sunshine, the frozen river, and skin colors of wild animals who were running away.

It was all so beautiful he even forgot he was still breathing.


The amazing place 360 #2:

The home of Tulip. Holland.

After flying over Iceland, he landed in a tulip field in Holland. One thing came to his mind was flowers, things he always sees every day, could look so pretty. And, strong. Like, no matter how strong the wind blows them, they survive and stay pretty.


The amazing place 360 #3:

You won’t realize that this is super beautiful. Yosemite National Park.

Bob got a new friend here, Jack and Colton. They brought him to the top of Yosemite National Park. He joined the trip, dealing with the woods, facing the cold, the snow, and the freezing wind.

They did it for miles.

And, when they reached the top, Bob felt like crying seeing all the beauty of snow on the mountains and the perfect golden sky.

Once again, he asked himself, “Is this even real? Is this the Earth I’m living now?”


The amazing place 360 #4:

One of the most beautiful landscapes in Turkey.

His first-time experience in a hot air balloon. Though it was only from his room, but he did felt like flying. In one of the most beautiful landscape in Turkey, Cappadocia.


The amazing place 360 #5:

The popular beach we all have never visited: Maldives.

No more greens now. It was all soft-colored things. White sand, clear turquoise water, young sunshine.


The amazing place 360 #6:

The place we all want to visit, Venice, Italy.

Spending his afternoon in Venice, Italy. Accomplished.


The amazing place 360 #7:

Have you ever heard “Machu Picchu” in Peru?

Nothing looks bad when it comes to nature. He proved it when he was looking around at Machu Picchu.


The amazing place 360 #8:

Plitvice Lakes Waterfall

Feeling tired, he sat down and looked around for a while.

When he listened to the sound of waterfall that sounds like the most relaxing music,

When he saw the greens all around him, he felt so far from where he’d been. He’s living on Earth, but he forgot the smell of the woods. He’s breathing on Earth, but why does he never find such peaceful before?


The amazing place 360 #9:

Grand Canyon

Standing in the middle of the canyon made him feel small. So small.


The amazing place 360 #10:

The most breathtaking view in this list: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

In this moment now, he was screaming at the top of his lungs.

Oh, my. Is there a word that describes “way too beautiful”?

Flying over Victoria Valley in Zimbabwe felt like he was falling in love again. Smiling all the time, butterflies flying in the stomach, feeling appreciated. Like, Earth is still saving the best piece for him.

For us.

After visiting 10 breathtaking places, he took off the glasses, put it down on the table.

He thought it was dreaming.

But he wasn’t. He did visit all those breathtaking places from here. And, it made him feel new. Like, do you know how it feels to see the breathtaking in front of your eyes? It felt totally the same.

Tomorrow might be Monday, but he didn’t need to overthink about it. He could even bring this book to his office to enjoy more places.

Oh. The last breathtaking place.

11. Home. The place he found this book.


Anyway, if you want this kind of experience, Bob is giving you a 10% discount. All you need is add BeThere Book any edition to your cart and enter “breathtaking” on the coupon column. Only 10 people will get this discount. And, you still get the chance!

Forget Bob, it’s your time now.

Which place do you want to visit from your room? We’ll do it for you like we did it for Bob. 🙂

PS: Bob isn’t real, but the place, the book, and the discount are real. So is the reaction—it was my reaction, though.

PS PS: Choose the best resolution while playing the video while wearing BeThere Book.

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