Explore 9 Wonderful Destinations in Indonesia with 360-Degree Videos

Explore Indonesia in 360

Take a deep breath.

And, get ready.

In this post, we will bring you to ten best places in Indonesia. Good news: you can still taste the beauty of Indonesia as if you were there.

To get such experience, that makes you feel like living in Indonesia, take your phone and BeThere Book.

BeThere Book


Click one of the 360-degree videos you think you’ll like below. Don’t forget to set the high resolution. Insert your phone inside BeThere Book. And, let’s explore the wonderful Indonesia.

And, you know what’s best about it? You enjoy it today on August 17th, 2016. It’s the fourth of July of Indonesia.

Let’s go.

Explore Indonesia in 360 #1: You won’t feel like you’re on Earth when you’re visiting Bromo.

And, we might not find such mountain in any part of the world.


Explore Indonesia in 360 #2: Indonesia is not all about Bali. You shouldn’t ever, ever miss Lombok.

This is just the beginning, anyway.


Explore Indonesia in 360 #3: So far, this is the most relaxing spot in Lombok. Sunset in Gili Air.

Don’t mind watching it for hours.


Explore Indonesia in 360 #4: Are you brave enough to try paragliding in Manado?

FYI, Manado is one of the cities in Sulawesi.


Explore Indonesia in 360 #5: Remember 2016’s first and only total solar eclipse? Let’s live that moment in Bali.


Explore Indonesia in 360 #6: Want to see more of total solar eclipse in Indonesia? Let’s go to Balikpapan, one of the cities in Borneo Island.


Explore Indonesia in 360 #7: But don’t forget Bali ‘cause it’s still one of the most favorite destinations in the world.

Doesn’t it make you feel like you need to go to Bali, like, NOW?


Explore Indonesia in 360 #8: OK, you might be tired of beaches. Let’s explore the marine life in Batu Bolong.


Explore Indonesia in 360 #9: You might be tired by all of the activities. Take a seat and enjoy the most relaxing view of Tegallalang Rice Paddy in Bali.

Can’t stop watching it. Again and again.


10. You, Indonesians, decide.

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And, which one is your favorite from the list above?

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