Recommended VR Apps – August 2016

Recommended VR Apps August 2016

August is coming to an end.

But you shouldn’t forget to download these recommended VR apps in August 2016.

Now, let’s go…

Recommended VR Apps #1:

VR App for Learning – Public Speaking for Cardboard

Public Speaking for Cardboard

It’s 2016. Practicing public speaking in front of your mirror isn’t enough.

With Public Speaking for Cardboard, you can choose the most suitable environment for your public speaking, upload your own presentations, read public speaking tips, maintain your progress. Also, the animated movement and sound distraction features will help you stay focused. Can you do it?

Read our review here: Public Speaking for Introverts: A Secret Trick People Never Tell You.

Download on Play Store and App Store.


Recommended VR Apps #2:

VR App for Gaming – VR Wrong Voyage

VR Wrong Voyage

You’ve got a gun in a palm of your hand. You’re trapped in an unknown space. And, it feels like trapped inside the wreckage of a building. Shoot the bricks to find your way out.

Before it’s too late. Before it’s getting harder.

What people say about VR Wrong Voyage for Cardboard:

ABSOLUTELY 5 STARS!!! Give 6 if I could. This is one of, if not the best, VR Cardboard offerings I’ve played. Heck, one of the better VR games I’ve played. While the graphics are decidedly not ‘cutting edge’, their retro look has an appeal that works flawlessly for the style of this game.” – Chris Davis.

Fun exploration game If you have a controller and enjoy exploring weird spaces, a must download. Really liked the dark level.” – Reed Laughlin.

I played all the levels and it just gets better and more challenging!”  – Farah Teoh.

Required item: Bluetooth gamepad controller and BeThere Book.

Download on Play Store. Still not available on App Store.


Recommended VR Apps #3:

VR App for Traveling – BeThere Makkah

BeThere Makkah

#Hajj2016 is coming so soon. If this year is not your time to perform Hajj, don’t be sad. We have something to heal you: BeThere Makkah. With BeThere Makkah, you can still experience Hajj from your room. Watch the crowd in Mina tunnel, Jamaraat bridge, Arafah, and more exclusive contents.

Download on Play Store and App Store.


Recommended VR Apps #4:

VR App for Sporting – 3D Sports Stadium View

VR - 3D Sports Stadium View

We all love sports. We all want to visit the essential stadiums where you want to support your favorite club. But there are, at least, two main problems:

(1) Too far.

(2) Too expensive.

With VR – 3D Sports Stadium View, you can erase the “too far” and “too expensive” problems. Do it in your room. Explore world famous football hockey cricket and other stadiums. And, free.

Download on App Store. Still not available on Play Store.


So, based on the recommended VR apps above, which one do you enjoy the most? Why?

P.S. These VR apps are recommended in August 2016. It doesn’t mean they are released in August 2016.

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