Recommended VR Apps: September 2016 Edition

SEPTEMBER EDITION: Recommended VR Apps BeThere

Before the end of September, you shall try these recommended VR apps because…

Well, let’s see why.


Recommended VR Apps – Learning Edition

Sketchfab VR (Free)

Sketchfab VR recommended BeThere

This feels like the best museum ever.

With Sketchfab VR, you can enjoy a picture by entering the picture—and it’s so immersively beautiful. You can watch the 3D animal creatures, such as Tyrannosaurus, Giant Worm, T-Rex Skeleton. You can also see a human’s heart in the closest angle ever, awesome vehicles and enter the Minecraft world.

Unlike museums, some objects here are alive: The animal is walking, the heart is beating.

Last but not least, the music background is perfectly fit that it will make you feel like you’re in a different world once you put on a headset and BeThere Book.

Sketchfab VR is a must-have VR app or you’ll regret.

Link to download (PlayStore and AppStore)–> Sketchfab VR.



Recommended VR Apps – Travel Edition

VR Holidays (Free)

vr holidays recommended bethere

Summer ain’t end with VR Holidays.

With VR Holidays, you will visit the exotic destinations perfect for the summer, such as Venice, Ibiza, Lago Maggiore, Croatia, and Sardinia.

Despite the fact it doesn’t provide a background sound, the 360 pictures are already high-quality. Like, when we enjoyed the Ibiza at night, we can see the perfect tiny little lights around the town with its sexy buildings, the silhouette of the mountain, a small boat on the ocean, even the stars.

VR Holidays is best to revive your holiday or to plan your next trip.

Link to download (PlayStore and AppStore)–> VR Holidays.



Recommended VR Apps – Sporting Edition

Eurosport VR (Free)

eurosport vr recommended bethere

Eurosport VR is like the YouTube 360 for sports fans.

There’s a 360-degree video that will make you feel like you’re on track with a Dutch racing driver, Nick Catsburg. You’ll be on the car, feeling the rush and adrenalin during the race.

There’s also a 360-degree technical video about tennis. You will stand next to  L. Safarova, watching her playing tennis with some little explanation on how she put her hand and feet before hitting the ball with the racket.

Eurosport VR is getting you INTO action in a whole new way.

Link to download (PlayStore and AppStore)–> Eurosport VR.



Recommended VR Apps – Gaming Edition

VR Horror Scary Ghost ($0.99)

vr horror ghost story recommended bethere

Tried it at 2:50 a.m. A big mistake.

After opening VR Horror Scary Ghost app, we wore BeThere Book: Gaming Edition. Suddenly, it felt like a boring Sunday. Laying down on the sofa, the TV was on but nothing to watch, alone in the room.

And… the light was unexpectedly off.

And… the door was opened, but nobody was there.

And… there was a woman inside the television coming nearer.



Are you brave enough to continue our journey in this room?

Link to download (PlayStore only)–> VR Horror Scary Ghost.[]

So, which apps will you download? Let us know why on the comment box below!

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