I Turned My Room Into a VIP Suite, This Is How I Did It.

Fox Sports VR

Yes, I just turned my room into a VIP suite.

All I did was going to my normal bedroom—that typical bedroom that probably looks just like yours. I grabbed my favourite pillow and leaned on it against the wall. Not to mention that I had my iPhone and my BeThere Book: Sporting Edition in my hand.

I downloaded this new virtual reality application that would turn my room into a VIP suite to watch sports. It’s called Fox Sports VR (link download below), which was just released a week ago. Fox Sports is collaborating with LiveLike to make this virtual reality application.

I then opened the app. It asked me whether I want to watch it via Cardboard or Smartphone. Of course, I chose Cardboard, as I want to be inside the VIP suite. I inserted my phone into BeThere Book: Sporting Edition and put it on.

And, man…

Fox Sports VR

This is way too cool.

I sat on a grey sofa and I saw a little cute Fox Sports pillow beside me—it’s too cutewhere can I get it?

Fox Sports VR

I looked around, and it’s like every inch of this room is designed with luxurious in mind. The marble flooring all over the room, the spectacular big screen behind me, that futuristic white stairs, the chill background music. The stadium was right in front of me. To enjoy the stadium, I had to choose which match I would like to watch.

Once you click one of the options, you will be asked to sign in with your TV provider to watch now.

Since the day it’s released, there are already 5,000-10,000 people installed it on their Android devices. We haven’t got the number of downloads on App Store, but we found 43 people rated the app, so that’s not bad at all.

Now, let’s hear what people think about it.

Some are not really unsatisfied with Fox Sports VR.

Got one view streaming, but can’t get the images to match up, so no matter what  I’m seeing double. My glasses aren’t the issue as I tested them again on all my other VR apps. All those work fine.” — Johnsonvil*******

I would like this app a lot more if it didn’t ask for a TV provider.” — Greekfre*******

Other complains are about how they had bad connection issues.

However, most of users are really happy with Fox Sports VR.

This app is insane! Still in a bit of a beta state, but incredible foresight by Fox. I love it! —Nathan

Sleek, smooth experience. Love the easy switch to Cardboard Viewers icon. Finally a VIP experience at home!

This is what VR is supposed to be. Watching college football – choosing my camera POV. At half time, switch to the Fox Sports Go virtual room and watch a little UFC. —  Jim

Excellent! I’m anxious to see how far this technology can go. I love the idea of making live sports more Interactive. I like being able to look where I want in the game, not just where a producer says I should look. Some sports will be better than others for this, but this is very promising. I can see a complete redefinition of how we watch live events. — Clint

What we expect from Fox Sports VR in the next update…

1. The double vision issue is fixed.

That’s what I actually felt, too, but, I guess, it’s something that will be fixed in the next update, right? I hope so. Well, we all hope so.

2. Umm,well….

I still couldn’t write much as this is still new, and I heard they have many ideas already. Give some time and it will be one of the best VR sporting app in this era.

Last but not least, Fox Sports VR is the virtual reality application you should really, really watch out. Download it on Play Store and App Store.

After trying the app, please let us know on the comment below what you expect from Fox Sports VR in the next update. They might see it and make it true. 🙂

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