3 Emotional Videos That Will Move You to Tears

Emotional 360 video

As it’s claimed to be the International Day of Peace, does peacefulness really exist?

These three emotional 360 videos below will make you wonder.


This is a 360-degree video which means you can see around in 360-degree.

If you’re using Chrome on PC, navigate by a mouse click or use the arrow keys.

If you’re using your phone, just move your phone around along with you or drag the screen with your finger.

Don’t forget to set the highest video quality or at least 1080p.

For a perfect view, that makes you feel going inside the video, insert your phone into BeThere Book, a book that takes you inside.

The experience below is written while I was wearing BeThere Book.



Emotional 360 Video

The Displaced

by The New York Times and WITHIN

This is a story of three children, from three different countries, with one similarity:

They are victims of a war.

Before when the teacher would yell at us, we’d say, “Wouldn’t it be cool if they blew up the school?” I would never say that now,” said Oleg, an 11-year-old Ukranian boy, when he was visiting his lonely classroom that has been wrecked.

If I could, I would turn into a lion, finish off my enemies, and turn back into a child,” said Chuol, a 9-year-old boy from South Sudan.

In Syria, we had a lot of toys and things to do, now we have each other,” said Hana, a 12-year-old Syrian girl, when she was on the truck loaded with foods and some friends.

Emotional 360 video

The part that moved me to tears:

  • 5:39 – 6:03; this part is just so emotional.
  • 7:53 – 7:59; the moment I heard the most beautiful words I’ve ever heard today.



Emotional 360 Video

Seeking Home


I miss my wife and my kids. I haven’t met them for a year and three months, and I am not sure that I’m going to see them back again.” — Zeragabr Tesfaslasie, 29-year-old man from Eritrea.

Once I played this 360-degree video, I found…

tents and trash everywhere;

hope everywhere,

home nowhere.

I was in Calais, France, where thousands of migrants  live in slum-like conditions,

hoping to cross the English channel in search of a new life in Britain.

These migrants may not be from big cities with enough money on the ATM, but they don’t complain. They fight for their lives. They’re moving on by searching for a new home.

Emotional 360 video

The part that moved me to tears:

  • 0:50; and it’s only the first sentence, but my eyes were already wet.



Emotional 360 Video

Welcome to Aleppo


The video had played.

I looked around and found myself standing around the wrecked buildings.

Lonely street, like there’s no life.

Gloomy colors everywhere.

After few seconds, I heard a girl’s voice saying,

This is my city, Aleppo, Syria.

That sentence broke my heart already.

And, the whole video left me without words.

Emotional 360 video

Emotional 360 video

The part that moves me to tears:

  • 3:02; I actually didn’t cry here, but my heart was warm like I could hear the sound of hope and a beautiful ending in the future.[]


After watching the emotional 360 video, I guess there’s always peacefulness in any difficulty.

I saw serenity when the Syrian girl could still smile and laugh with her friends and said something beautiful like, “… we still have each other.

I also saw peacefulness in the eyes of the migrants when they decided to leave their countries for a better life.

When I looked how the sun still shines as usual in Syria, I saw peacefulness has always been there, but it takes time to get it back.

At the end of the day, no matter where we are, we’re just humans looking for serenity in life.

Hope we all find it soon.

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