This 360 Breathtaking Video Will Change Your Mind About Zimbabwe

victoria falls 360

Victoria Falls 360

I couldn’t help but smile after watching this 360-degree video.

It was just another Tuesday. I opened YouTube and browsed some 360 videos to enjoy it with my BeThere Book—a book that takes me inside.

After some minutes trying to find what I wanted, I finally found a video titled “360 Video, Victoria Falls, Zambia-Zimbabwe”.

OK. It sounds cool.

So, I played the video, inserted my phone inside BeThere Book, put it on, and…

victoria falls 360 - BeThere

I’m instantly in love.

I was flying above a rainbow. I could see the red, the yellow, and the violet shining before me, as I was getting closer. The gorge was full of smoke rising up toward me. Somehow, it gave me chills that I wanted to touch it.

The best part is the waterfalls. I was so close that I thought I could touch it. The water was flowing beautifully, rhythmically, like it was dancing with the wind. It was just so magnificent. I didn’t want to look any other side, but the streaming waters.

However, I only had 1:43, so I decided to move my head around.

victoria falls 360

I didn’t regret it at all.

Because I saw a vast land with its trees and with its little green grass get along with the blue river—all mixed up together like a perfect art.

But this art is coming to reality.

From nature.

Welcome to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe with Virtual Reality.

  • This Victoria Falls 360-degree video is uploaded by on YouTube.
  • For a perfect view that makes you feel like you’re there, wear BeThere Book while watching Victoria Falls 360-degree video.
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