Final Kick VR Review: Make You Feel Like a True Soccer Player

Standing in a stadium, the camera flashing toward me, people screaming at me.

I’m the soccer player tonight.

Are you ready to be the next soccer player?

In this post, I will explain about this soccer app that will make you feel like a soccer player.

This post consists of seven chapters:

#1 How Can I Experience This?

#2 My Experience of This Soccer VR App

#3 The Gameplay of This Soccer VR App

#4 What People Say About of This Soccer VR App

#5 What I Think About of This Soccer VR App

#6 What I Expect from This Soccer VR App

#7 Link to Download


Chapter #1

How Can I Experience This?

soccer vr app - final kick vr review

Final Kick VR is the name of this soccer application. It’s a soccer VR app that will make you feel like you’re the real soccer player. You can turn your head in 360-degree to see your surrounding and all. You will stand in the same place with your opponents, your supporters, and the staffs.

There is no separation. You won’t just sit there playing with your fingertips on the screen—you will BeThere and experience it.

To get the full experience, here’s what you need to prepare:

1. Your Android or Your iPhone

android and iphone

Chances are, you may be using it right now.

P.S. I used my old iPhone 5, and it works great.

2. BeThere Book

BeThere Book: VR Sports Viewer

BeThere Book: Sporting Edition

bethere book

BeThere Book is a virtual reality glasses. To make you feel like you’re there, you need to insert your phone into BeThere Book: Sporting Edition or any edition, and put it on. If you have any question about this, please contact us on Facebook or Twitter.

The pre-order of BeThere Book is now open. $26 for all editions.

3. Use your headphones or earbuds

‘Cause it will make you more immersive in this experience.


Chapter #2

My Experience of Final Kick VR

soccer vr app - final kick vr review

I truly felt like a soccer player.

Standing in the middle of a stadium, people screaming and supporting me, the camera flashing toward me.

And, I, as a goalkeeper, stood in front of another player a.k.a my opponent who was ready to kick the ball.

I was a little bit nervous, as the referee blew the whistle.

I bent down and focused my sight as keen as an eagle’s eyes.

And then, he started running.

He kicked the ball.

The ball was flying.

It happened too fast but slow at the same time. I could feel my heart racing, as I didn’t want him to win it. I still remember the confusion, like, “Should I move to the left or to the right?”

The ball was getting closer.

It was flying a few meters above me, on the left direction.

And then, I…

… jumped.

I literally jumped in real life. To the left direction.

When I fell on the ground, I moved my head a little to catch the ball.

The ball fell on the ground right in front of the goalpost.

But I caught it.

The supporters were screaming in happiness. I saw the camera flashing. I felt the euphoria.

I won.


I did it.

And, that was just the beginning, that was just the first tournament, the first level.

soccer vr app - final kick vr review

Not only was I becoming a goalkeeper, but I would also be the one who kicks the ball at the penalty. There was also  a freekick tournament. If I want to enhance my skill, I could join the training.

And, the feels of becoming a popular soccer player is real.


Chapter #3

The Gameplay of Final Kick VR

You just need to work it with your head.

Like, if you want to set direction to kick the ball, use your head. Move your head faster to make your kick more powerful.

As a goalkeeper, you will see your hands as the pointer. It will move around as you move your head. However, if you want to catch the ball, you really need to use your whole body, like jumping or anything, because…first, it makes you feel like the real goalkeeper; second, somehow, it’s much easier to catch the ball;  third, you’re also exercising from your home. 🙂

first, it makes you feel like the real goalkeeper;

second, somehow, it’s much easier to catch the ball;

third, you’re also exercising from your home. 🙂

But make sure you won’t hit a wall.


Chapter #4

What People Say About Final Kick VR

Unfortunately, we haven’t received enough comments to put it here. But here’s a little summary about people’s interest in Final Kick VR.

1. As I wrote this now, it has been installed for 10,000 — 50,000 times on Play Store.

2. The average rating on Play Store is 4.0 with 421 people rating it. 252 people rated it 5/5. 57 people rated it 4/5. 30 people rated it 3/5.  19 people rated it 2/5. 63 people rated it 1/5.

3. The average rating on App Store is 4.0 with 7 people rating it.

That sounds positive.

Now, let’s move to what I think about Final Kick VR.


Chapter #5

What I Think About Final Kick VR

1. The feels is real.

How many times should I say that I felt like a popular soccer player? I’m in love with the pressure in the middle of people screaming, the camera flashing, and all those little details that made me a soccer player. Thank you, Developers, for bringing Final Kick to Virtual Reality.

2. As this is still the early days of VR, I must say that the graphics is not bad at all.

As the day goes by, it will improve.  Can’t wait to see how it becomes.

3. The reaction of the opponent is funny, sometimes.

Especially, when you fail. They will be laughing at you.

4. A very, very great way to exercise.

YES. Especially when you become a goalkeeper. You have to move your whole body, like jumping, to catch the ball.

I am not a person who exercises a lot, so I’m very happy to use this app, as I could move more and do some unplanned exercising.

5. Final Kick VR teaches you to be more intuitive as a goalkeeper.

I have never been a goalkeeper in my life, but I feel this app gives me a goalkeeper’s intuition.

6. The beginning of something big of virtual reality in sporting.

Today we may only become a goalkeeper in Final Kick VR. Give it some years, and we may be able to play the real soccer in virtual reality.


Chapter #6

What I expect for the next update of Final Kick VR

1. No more crashing after a few minutes of playing.

And, I’m pretty sure they will fix this issue in the near future.

Anyway, I don’t really mind about the crash, as it usually happens after I finish the tournament. And, I don’t know why, but it feels “long” in the game even though you only spend like three to five minutes.

2.  I hope we can hear disappointment screaming from the audience when we fail.

Because it will give us more pressure, and, I guess, that’s what makes a game more challenging?

3. Am I the only one who feels the white line on the green grass is shaking?

I don’t know the reason why it’s shaking, but we’ll see where this will go.

At the end of the day, there is no such a perfect application. Each application is great with its own flaws. The most important thing is an application needs “emotion”, and Final Kick VR has got the feels since the first time I started it.

One more thing: This is just the beginning.

Final Kick VR is worth a try.


Chapter #7

Link to Download Final Kick VR

Download Final Kick VR on Play Store.

Download Final Kick VR on App Store.

Final Kick VR is listed as one of the recommended VR application on BeThere Book: Sporting Edition and Gaming Edition.


Chapter #8

What do you think?

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