This Might Be The Most Relaxing Puzzle Game in 2016

Perfect Angle VR Review - Relaxing Puzzle App

This puzzle app literally feels like a dream.

You’re floating against the gravity inside a whole wide white room. Butterflies are flying around. Fish are swimming. And, the background music is so relaxing that it can take you to sleep.

In this post, you will find out all the things about this application.

This post consists of eight chapters:

#1 How Can I Experience This?

#2 My Experience

#3 The Gameplay

#4 People React to This App

#5 What People Say About…

#6 What I Think About…

#7 What I Expect…

#8 Link to Download


Chapter #1

How Can I Experience This Relaxing Puzzle App?

Lucky you, this application is free and available on Play Store and App Store. You can find the download link at the end of the post. This relaxing puzzle app is called Perfect Angle VR, by the way.

Perfect Angle VR is a puzzle game based on optical illusion developed by Ivanovich Games. Once you start the application, you will see a chaotic composition of a hidden object. All you have to do is turn around and rotate yourself to see the object from the perfect angle.

To get the full experience that makes you feel like inside the game, here’s what you need to prepare:

1. Put your headphones or earbuds

This will make your experience more immersive in a virtual world of Perfect Angle VR.

2. BeThere Book

VR Gaming Viewer

VR Gaming Viewer

Put your phone inside BeThere Book and live the game. No more separation. It’s you inside the game solving the puzzle.

The pre-order of BeThere Book is now open. $26 for all editions.

3. Turn off the lights.

To get the most immersive experience.


Chapter #2

My Experience with the Relaxing Puzzle App, Perfect Angle VR

relaxing puzzle app - perfect angel vr

I could say this is one of the most relaxing VR apps I have ever tried.

When I tried the first level, I saw a big cube in front of me, but it wasn’t placed correctly. Along with the relaxing music, the butterflies flying, and the fish swimming, I turned around and floated higher to find the perfect angle, so the cube would look perfectly fit.

And, I did it. The cube was shining once it was seen from the perfect angle.

relaxing puzzle app - perfect angle vr review

The second level wasn’t easy for me, as all I saw was a chaotic composition. I rotated myself in 360-degree, but I still couldn’t find it. I accidently fell off, drowning underwater—that was when I got the menu to show a hint. The hint gave me the picture of the real object and a sign every time I got closer to the perfect angle.

With the help of the hint, it wasn’t getting easier, yet it was more fun. I mean, like, you know the object, but why can’t you see it?

As this post is written, Perfect Angle VR has 70 levels.

Can you, at least, pass the first ten levels?

It’s not easy as you thought.


Chapter #3

The Gameplay of Perfect Angle VR

You just need to turn around and rotate yourself to find the perfect angle.

If you need a hint, go underwater. The first hint will show you the picture of the real object. The second hint will give you a sign every time you’re getting closer to the perfect angle.

While solving the puzzle, you will be very intense looking at the object, so I suggest you to rest your eyes every few minutes.

And, because it’s all white, make sure you have set your brightness right, so it won’t be too bright.


Chapter #4

People React to Perfect Angle VR


Chapter #5

What People Say About This Relaxing Puzzle App a.k.a Perfect Angle VR

“If you have a VR device, give this is a shot. It really makes clear how fun and useful VR glasses are. The puzzles are a blast to solve!” – Elam Daly on Play Store

“A good brain teaser. “ – Soccer Cat on Play Store

“The music, the environments… all beautifully done in great detail. The gameplay itself is different than anything I’ve ever experienced and that’s a good thing! The puzzles are challenging and some of them left me stumped for a while, while others I was able to find the perfect angle in minutes, and sometimes seconds. Overall, great game.” – JerMattW on App Store

“Loved it. Best VR game I have played so far. Kudos!” – Raydell on Play Store

“It’s really entertaining if you’re into puzzles.” – Ricardouldnwkdnwk on App Store


Chapter #6

What I Think About Perfect Angle VR

1. This is original.

I mean, I have never found anything like this in VR. So have you, probably.

2. The graphic deserves a thumb.

relaxing puzzle app - perfect angle vr review

With all those details: the white environment, the clear water, the fish swimming, the butterflies flying.

3. The music wins.

And, it’s a perfect fit with the white and clean environment.


Chapter #7

What I expect for the next update of This Relaxing Puzzle App

Well, this is already good. I’m using my old iPhone 5 and it worked perfectly. What can I say?

I’m just hoping the developers won’t stop making VR games because they’ve got the potential.

See also another VR work from this developer: Final Kick VR.


Chapter #8

Link to Download This Relaxing Puzzle App, Perfect Angle VR

relaxing puzzle app - perfect angle vr review

Download Perfect Angle VR on Play Store.

Download Perfect Angle VR on App Store.

If you’re looking for a relaxing puzzle app, Perfect Angle VR is definitely a must.


Chapter #9

What do you think about This Relaxing Puzzle App?

Please share your opinion in the comment box below!

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