Flying to the Edge of Space from Your Home

Edge of Space VR


edge of space vr

You’ll never think that you could actually fly this high. Passing Burj Khalifa and even the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest.

A YouTube account, named Seeker VR, uploaded an exclusive 360-degree video that will take you on the journey to the edge of space. This is the first time something like this has ever been done in virtual reality.


Tips to Enjoy the Journey to the Edge of Space VR

1. If you’re watching from your PC, click the navigation icon to move around for 360-degree.

2. If you’re watching from your phone, move around along with your phone or using your finger to see around.

3. To give you the feeling like you’re really floating in the air, wear BeThere Book.

BeThere Book: VR Education Viewer

BeThere Book


Edge of Space VR

The Journey

In the first few seconds of this 360-degree video, you will realize you’re floating a few feet above the ground. If you look up, you will find a weather balloon that can usually go high around 100,000 feet. And, on this journey, you will travel to over 90,000 feet into the stratosphere—the second major layer of Earth’s atmosphere.

When the weather balloon starts flying, it feels like you’re just sitting on the airplane, watching the buildings, houses, trees, and the vast land getting far, far away.

It’s quite cloudy that when you’re getting higher and higher, you will be surrounded by the soft clouds, and it’s all white, like, you’re trapped inside the world of cotton.

You will go higher again, passing the Burj Khalifa.

Higher and higher passing the checkpoint of the moment skydivers jumped out of the airplane.

You will enter the cloud once again. This time, you will hear the precipitation inside the cloud. And, in this moment, if you look up, you will see sleet and snow falling down because the temperature is only 13°F.

When you fly above, release from the cloud, you will realize you’re just as high as the Mount Everest. Here, you will barely breathe. (But thanks to Virtual Reality, you can still enjoy it at home, safe and sound, breathing religiously.)

You will be getting higher than ever before that you will see the angle you will never see from the airplane; you will see what’s really up there above the clouds; you will see the edge between the sky and space, which we called…

the edges of the Earth.

edge of space vr

This. Is. Unforgettable.

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