How to Watch a 360 Video on YouTube from Android and iPhone

The future is coming. You won’t watch a video as you do it today.

On March 13, 2015, YouTube enabled 360-degree video, which means you can see the entire environment; up and down, left and right, totally 360. What’s best about it is that you don’t have to hold your phone to enjoy the 360-degree video. You can totally go inside the 360-degree video and embrace the experience.

One more thing: You can watch 360-degree videos with your Android and iPhone!

So, here’s how to watch a 360 video in a best way:

How to watch a 360 video


Make sure you have got the latest version of YouTube app.

how to watch a 360 video

Lucky you, it works both on Android and iPhone.


Scan the QR code “YouTube 360” on BeThere Book.

BeThere Book - VR This Week
There it is, on the right section. Get BeThere Book here.

Or simply type “#360Video” on a keyword search. It has this avatar:

how to watch a 360 video


Play the 360-degree video.

You can start watching the 360-degree video now, but there is a better way to enjoy it.

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Set it to the highest resolution.

Normally, the highest resolution on Android and on iPhone is 1080p. The higher, the better, though.


Click Cardboard icon.

By “Cardboard icon”, this is what we mean:

how to watch a 360 video
Pic credit:

You will find the video screen will be splitted into two.


Slide your phone into a Cardboard viewer.

Like this:


Wear it like a glasses. Make yourself comfortable.


Now, move around, see everything, as if you were there.

Welcome to the virtual world!

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