This VR Horror App for Cardboard Feels Like HTC Vive Game

When you start this game, you can’t remember anything.

You’re just standing there, all dark, raining outside, but, oh, there’s a door in front of you. You’re trying to open it, but you’ve got no keys. When you look up, you see a key hanging on a sculpture. But things are not getting easier: It’s too high to reach. So, it’s like there’s no other way. You have to see all the objects inside the room and find how you can open the very first door.

Can you pass all the obstacles inside this haunted room?

So, please welcome, a brand new VR app that (quiet) feels like HTC Vive, Haunted Rooms Escape VR.

Haunted Room Escape VR is opening new possibilities in VR horror app for Cardboard. You won’t just sit there, look around, and wait for the ghost to come. Instead, you can grab an object (without any controller). You can walk using the navigation system, like what Sketchfab VR does. That’s how you solve your mission.

Watch the trailer of this VR horror app below:

And, here’s the 360-video thriller:

As you see, it’s graphically well-made for a VR horror app in Cardboard platform. It has that kind of sudden scares and unexpected twists. It blends the horror experience and traditional adventure puzzle, which you have to collect the hidden objects and find the connection to solve the mission. This gameplay is new for VR horror app in Cardboard platform. The best news for you is that it’s free and available on PlayStore and AppStore.

vr horror app for cardboard feels like htc vive

However, the size is somewhere around 400MB (varies with devices), so is it worth it to install it?

Let’s take a look some comments on Play Store.

This game is insanely good! From high quality immersive levels to easy VR controls, this one of the best VR games I came across. Bluetooth controller doesn’t really work as it’s not necessary, which is okay. But the levels are short. Please add more levels, add in app-purchases if you want. We won’t hesitate to pay for this awesome stuff.

I literally had to put it down because one of the ghosts scared me so bad I screamed. LOVE this game.

And, let’s hear how one of the iOS’s users said about this VR horror app.

The combo between escape room and VR game is crazy good! I loved it from the get go. The effects are cool and generally it’s the best mobile VR game I’ve played ever. Can’t wait for the new rooms!

vr horror app for cardboard that feels like htc vive

If there’s one thing we could say for the improvement is, please, make the walking system by movement sensor, so when we walk in place in real life, which makes our phone moves, it could feel like truly like walking in a virtual world. Just like what Realiteer did on Wizard Academy VR, which enables you to walk in a virtual world.

Overall, Rabbit Mountain, the developer of Haunted Rooms, is taking the VR horror app for Cardboard platform to the whole new level.

Looking forward how VR horror app for Cardboard will evolve.

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