16 Funniest VR Reactions in 2016, But Try Not to Laugh!

So, this is the compilation of the funniest VR reactions in 2016.

Before you watch these VR reactions, here’s the rule:

  1. Try not to laugh.
  2. Watch it in order.
  3. If you fail at no. 8 (that’s where I failed), you got 7, if you fail at no. 4, you got 3, et cetera.
  4. Share your score on the comment box below!

Can you get the highest score?

Let’s go.

1. That moment when your grandma played a horror game on PSVR.

The first encounter at 0:15, though. So close to laughing.

2. That moment when your granny ride a virtual roller coaster.

The way she screamed, though.

3. Lesson learned: Don’t let your grandfather tried VR out.

You didn’t laugh, did you?


5. You will lose on this one. (But, please, survive)

I tell you: Be careful at 7:08. You’re welcome.

6. When you’re too scared, but you can’t take the VR headset off.

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7. This one should be easy.

Probably the easiest level, right?

8. And, this one is too hard.


It’s her reaction and the people laughing around COMBINED! Failed here.

9. At first, she was like not really excited, BUT THEN…

10. This granny has the cutest scream ever.

You can do this one.

11. Remember, don’t even smile.

12. When your grandmother is visiting Jurassic Park.

13. Is she killed or what?

Why is she screaming like that?

14. When Resident Evil 7 is coming to Virtual Reality.


You need to be careful since the very first again. Been watching it more than twice, still laughing—FAILED.

P.S. I freaking love Shirley’s reaction.

16. You decide!

funniest vr reactions 2016
Credit: Fine Bros Entertainment

Share your highest score and funniest VR reactions on the comment box below. Can people try not to laugh at it?


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