8 VR Marketing Ideas: From Portofolio in VR to Souvenir in VR

Only 8% of marketers are currently using VR marketing, but the results? Phenomenal.

A little flashback. Years ago, some business felt like they didn’t need a web page because they thought it wasn’t important.

See what’s happening today.

If your business doesn’t have a web page, it’s like you’re missing a big part of your business.

Now, a new technology has finally arrived, and it’s called VR. Don’t want to repeat the same mistakes, some companies, such as McD, Volvo, The New York Times, Thomas Cook, Virgin Holiday, have finally adapted VR marketing into their business.

According to Samantha Merlivat, an analyst of Forrester Research, she explained brands who are at the forefront of the technology will be far more prepared when VR reaches scale. Therefore, if you’ve been hearing VR a lot and wondering a perfect VR marketing idea for your VR business or non-VR business, you’re on the right track.

List of VR Marketing Ideas:

1 . VR Brochure

Take a look at what Volvo did.

vr marketing by volvo

Instead of using traditional brochure, Volvo takes their potential buyers into the product itself, Volvo XC90. The potential buyers can experience the car all by themselves and see all the stuff inside in detail like they were there.

The result? Only by two weeks, Volvo already got 173 million impressions, 28,000 downloads, 51,000 inquiries for more information.

With VR brochure, you can take your customers into your products or services and make them emotionally connected.

This is another example of how VR brochure looks:

Marketing in 2017 be like…

This VR brochure is called BeThere Book, a globally patent-pending product.

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2. Portfolio VR

vr marketing example
credit: Electronic Visualization Laboratory

Say goodbye to your old-looking digital portfolio.

With virtual reality, you can bring your potential clients into a 3D environment that makes your clients feel like standing in a private gallery. They can see some pictures hanging on the wall. And, those are the pictures of your projects. When your clients gaze into one of the pictures, they will be immersed into the world that explains your certain project in detail. It could be a 360 video, or it could be another interactive 3D environment which showcased your project in detail, like on Sketchfab.

3. Souvenir in VR.

vr marketing example
VR Souvenir for Effat University

If you’re having an exhibition or an event, and you want the audiences to always remember your service and stay updated with your organization/community/brand, give virtual reality viewer as a gift. Until today, there is no other technology as strong as virtual reality in delivering an immersive storytelling. With virtual reality, you can take your customers living inside your brand’s stories in a whole new level.

4. Proposal VR

The war hasn’t begun, yet you win already with your VR+AR proposal.

5. Business Card VR

Imagine this…

Marketing in 2017 be like…

… in a smaller size, with your company’s information written on it, with its logo and its color, and when your potential customers unfold it, they can see a glimpse of your projects in virtual reality.

Put this “Business Card VR” on your booth—the visitors will never forget you.

6. VR Books

vr marketing for publisher

If you’re a publisher or a writer who’s been hearing a lot about VR, you can definitely mix VR and books perfectly.

For example, with virtual reality, instead of just writing do’s and don’ts in public speaking, you can let your readers practice public speaking virtually from their home.

Another example is, instead of just writing about planets, with virtual reality, you can let your readers travel around the galaxy and see planets themselves. (Well, to me personally, this idea is a perfect fit for schools.)

7. Company Profile in VR

A good looking corporate profile can be the first chance a potential client has to learn about your business. But being good looking isn’t enough anymore. Immerse your potential client into your project with virtual reality, through a pop-up VR glasses.

8 . Travel Brochure in VR

vr marketing for tourism
Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority and VR

When Thomas Cook adopted VR marketing, the revenue for New York excursions was up by 190 percent, and, in the first 3 months, it generated flights and hotel bookings totaling £12k ($17,500).

Meanwhile, when Virgin Holidays used VR marketing, they said the results were phenomenal.

As a travel agent, you might want to do the same, but you don’t want to spend much budget yet, so, in my humble opinion, you can try BeThere Book: Travel Edition first.

BeThere Book VR Viewer Travel Edition

BeThere Book: Travel Edition

With BeThere Book Travel Edition, it’s like giving your potential clients a try before you buy thing before they purchase a ticket from you. Also, BeThere Book: Traveling Edition has provided recommended VR contents related to traveling. And, it’s all ready to use.

9. A branded VR viewer

At the end of the day, it all comes down to a branded virtual reality viewer.

Make yours outstanding with BeThere Book.

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