List of Idea: Augmented and Virtual Reality Idea for Home Furniture and Appliances Retailers (+ Examples)

This post is dedicated to all developers and anyone who want to execute augmented and virtual reality idea for home furniture and appliances.

Open Google.

Search “furniture store [name-your-city]”

See more places.

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 12.57.28 AM

List all the stores. Visit their websites. And, see: Have they used virtual reality or augmented reality in their services?

No, they haven’t? Good! This is an opportunity for you.

However, you couldn’t just come or send an e-mail to the company, saying stuff about virtual reality because, let’s be real, virtual reality is still an infant technology, most people don’t know how to use it right. Instead, give them feedback, share them an idea, list the problems in their services.

Here are some problems with home furniture and appliances services:

  • If we buy online, we can never see its real size unless we come to the stores. Which means, time and distance might be the issue for potential buyers.
  • If we buy it at the store, we can never see how it really looks in our house.
  • Most furniture companies already use the catalog and social media, which is not new and not so engaging anymore. Potential buyers need a breakthrough, so the brand can be shone again, right under the spotlight.
  • Sometimes, pictures look better than the real products, making pictures less authentic.

Before listing the augmented and virtual reality idea for home furniture and appliances, let’s take a look at some of the examples.

IKEA catalog gives you the ability to place virtual furniture in your own home with the help of augmented reality.

With Holoroom How To, customers can learn basic DIY skills, including supplies needed and steps to completion in a fun, interactive VR environment.

Furniture showroom in virtual reality. A new way of shopping furniture for your home.

Augmented and virtual reality idea for home furniture retailers:

1. Augmented Reality: Preview furniture before you buy, at your home.

virtual reality idea for home furniture

The problem of purchasing home furniture and appliances online is that the potential buyers don’t know how it will look like in their houses, and it doubts them to do a purchase.

With the help of Augmented Reality, you can create a 3D design of your furniture, let the potential buyers put this 3D-furniture on their houses via a mobile application, see it if it’s blend in the rooms, which will eliminate the doubts to do a purchase of the product.

Examples and Inspiration:

1. IKEA Place

Available on iOS 11, IKEA Place lets you virtually place furnishings in your space. From sofas and lamps, to rugs and tables, all of the products in IKEA Place are 3D and true to-scale, so you can make sure it’s just the right size, design and functionality for your room.

2. Pottery Barn 3D Room View App

This exciting new interactive tool lets you see how Pottery Barn’s products look and fit your space. Download here.

3. Target’s “See It In Your Space”

AR and virtual reality idea for home furnitures
The process eliminates the hassle of ordering real furniture, only to discover that it doesn’t quite work in your home. And the best part? See It In Your Space doesn’t require any special apps or hardware to use — it’s available right on via any smartphone.

2. Virtual Tour

Nothing’s really new when it comes to promoting home furniture and appliances. Just a bunch of photoshopped pictures uploaded to social media pages, monthly catalog, but that’s just it. It’s an old marketing strategy overly used by other companies.

And, it’s your turn to make a change:

  • Use a 360 photo to show all the products (e.g., the collection of living room, kitchen, bedroom), all perfectly fit in one room. Best for social media pages.
  • Create a virtual tour showcasing the home furniture. In a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and all rooms. Best for website’s gallery.
  • Enable a purchase option in both 360 photo or virtual tour.
  • With the help of virtual reality, not only home furniture retailers can promote their products but also give inspiration on how to decorate a room using their products, which may lead to a more-than-one purchase.
  • Install virtual reality headsets at the booth or at the offline store. Invite potential buyers to the booth or offline stores. Let them experience the virtual tour of the home furniture retailers, from one to another room.

Thus, there would be no more another complaint saying, “This doesn’t look like in the picture.” / “I would see it in person before buying it, but I’ve still got no time this week.” / Etc.

Examples and Inspiration:

1 . IKEA’s Virtual Reality Experience

In 2016, IKEA released a virtual reality app that will allow users to explore and customize their kitchen in a whole new way.

2. Target’s 360 Shopping Experience

virtual reality idea for home furnitures
Target is taking a cue from Hollywood, using the same computer-generated imagery (“CGI,” if you want to get techy) that powers your favorite blockbuster moments to create an incredible — and shoppable — 360-degree virtual-reality-like experience on

3. Marxent’s Home Furnishings and Furniture Virtual Reality Showroom

3. VR + AR + Catalog = …


This modern catalog is where you put your virtual tour and augmented reality in one place. Add custom pages, add pictures like a traditional catalog, however, this is not that kind of catalog. When potential buyers scan the picture via a mobile application, the pictures can come alive, show its real size, virtually standing in your room. Moreover, there is one page where a virtual reality viewer is attached, enabling potential buyers (who mostly don’t own virtual reality headset) to experience virtual tour.

This modern catalog, BeThere, is a patent owned by our company, Visual Experience. BeThere is open for any kind of rebranding and customization. Want to be in a partnership with BeThere? Contact us!

Unlimited customization of BeThere.

BeThere in different styles.
BeThere for Mishkat the Interactive Center for Atomic and Renewable Energy.

With BeThere, you can add custom pages, 3D pop-up object, and anything you want all in one place.

BeThere for Effat University

Last but not least, adding these strategies will definitely increase brand awareness, and that’s how a potential buyer will remember you, forevermore.

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