Visual Experience Company Provides a New Service in Saudi Arabia Called MenuAR

Visual Experience Company is providing modern services in technology field and one of these services is MenueAR service that uses Augmented Reality.

What’s MenuAR?

MenuAR is a mobile application that used for displaying restaurants’ menu by showing all details for all  the dishes in a 3D figures which allow user to see dishes in front of him before ordering.

What’s MenuAR Service provided from Visual Experience?

Visual Experience Company is providing this service for all restaurants by creating a food menu that uses augmented reality by using the following steps:

  • A professional photographer comes to your restaurant with latest and high-quality equipment and takes around 200 photos from all angles in 50 minutes for each dish.
  • Then, a designer creates your dishes in 3D figures, this is not 2D image in a paper, it is a 3D figure!



This service allows you to attract more customers to your restaurant where they can know all your special dishes details and see them in front of them before ordering, as they can order from their home through the application so they can come to the restaurant and find their meals waiting for them.

How Can I get this service?

If you own a restaurant and you are interested to have this service you can visit our MenuAR page ( Click here ), Also if you are a customer and you want to try this application visit this page ( Click  here for iOS and here for Android ) and go to Try it Now! Then download it for your suitable device, do not miss this chance try it now.


MenuAR … A different look for your food

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