Insta360 New all-in-one 360 Camera

Insta360 has released a new video promoting for their new product which is a 360 all-in-one camera. This camera combines action camera, 360 camera and drone all in one device and the official announcement will be on the 7th of … Read More

Visual Experience Company Provides a New Service in Saudi Arabia Called MenuAR

Visual Experience Company is providing modern services in technology field and one of these services is MenueAR service that uses Augmented Reality. What’s MenuAR? MenuAR is a mobile application that used for displaying restaurants’ menu by showing all details for … Read More

The effectiveness of Augmented Reality on food purchase intention

Nowadays, augmented reality has been used widely in presenting products. And one of these products is food, which restaurants use AR to present their food to customers. So, dose AR effect customers purchase intention compared to static food images? A … Read More

Is virtual reality the last computing platform?

Devices get smaller and smaller hardware-wise. From computer goes to laptop goes to smartphones. Now that virtual reality is coming; things will change. … Read More

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Is This the Evolution of a VR Headset?

#1 The Beginning of VR Headset Innovation Since 2014, we have been producing a cardboard-based virtual reality viewer for our clients. However, there was always one problem: A bulky design. This leads to other problems: (1) Difficulty in shipping and … Read More

5 Big Companies Launched VR Platforms This Week: VR Livestream, Facebook’s First VR App, and More.

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11 Features of VIMEO 360 That Make It as a Winner of 360 Platform

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12 AR & VR Innovation That Will Make 2017 No Longer the Same

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Books in the Future: Bye, e-Book. Hi, Virtual Reality.

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