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Promoting Abu Dhabi through virtual reality

About Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority

The Tourism Sector is charged with supporting the evolution of Abu Dhabi into a world-class destination, in line with our commitment to conserving, promoting and leveraging Abu Dhabi’s heritage, culture and tourism assets.

Why Abu Dhabi Needs Virtual Reality

The Tourism and Culture Authority wanted to promote Abu Dhabi in a whole new way, more than just pictures and videos. And, this is what we do.

Our first virtual reality solution: The 360 video.

In collaboration with Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority, we visited all the must-visit destinations in Abu Dhabi, took some best shots using a 360-degree camera with a resolution up to 8K, stitching, editing and producing all the 360-degree panoramas which are best viewed with virtual reality headsets, e.g., Oculus and HTC Vive. This experience is like a try-before-you-buy. In this case, it is a try-this-virtual-reality-experience-of-Abu-Dhabi-before-you-buy-the-tickets-to-Abu-Dhabi. And as we all know, a try-before-you-buy strategy is the best marketing approach ever.

Our second virtual reality solution: The virtual reality stand.

We helped Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture to have a booth with virtual reality experience. We setup the whole virtual reality hardware and this application. This attracted the crowd, and visitors enjoyed the experience very much. And, that’s how you create a spark in people’s heart to visit a place.

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