360 Live Streaming

Reach a wider audience with your next event, across time and place, live at the moment.


Live streaming has been a thing, lately. Facebook. YouTube. Instagram. All these biggest social networks support live streaming now. This year is the prime time for live streaming, as it could attract huge traffic numbers. And, the best thing about live streaming is that it gives you the exclusivity to get new information, right at the moment. Now imagine if you use 360-degree Live Streaming, it is not just about the exclusivity, but it takes your audience to your place, live at the moment, no more physical presence, more intimate with the audience, better engagement.


With our 360 Live Streaming service, events are no longer bound by the limitations of physical presence. Just imagine being transported to any kind of live event in instant. Exhibitions. Conventions. Keynote. Cultural festivals. Trade shows. Whatever it may be. Fully immersive, recorded with a pro-level 360 3D camera with real-time image stitching and preview, up to 8K, supported by major platforms and social networks, such as Facebook and YouTube.

Portfolio (360 Live Streaming)

KAUST WEP 2018 - 360 Live Streaming

Broadcasting a 360-degree live streaming of KAUST WEP 2018

Baloot Championship in Riyadh, broadcasted by Visual Experience, Virtual Reality from Saudi Arabia

Ballot Championship - 360 Live Streaming

Broadcasting a 360-degree live streaming of the first Ballot Championship in Riyadh


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