Virtual Reality Development

The next computing revolution. After PC and mobile.


There is always one kind of technology that changes everything in life. It was all started with a PC. And, the internet. And, mobile phones. And, now smartphones. However, there is no significant change or innovation in the latest smartphones. This indicates something new must be about to come. A new kind of technology. And just like a coincidence, most big giant techs all over the world, from Google, Samsung, Facebook, Microsoft, to HTC has, at least, one new division in the company. This division is called virtual reality. With virtual reality, there is no more limitation physical presence with technology. You can be inside the computer, the mobile, the internet, the application, the games, the outer space, the human’s body, and everything you want it to be. Welcome to the future. And, this is how you bring your company to the future.


Virtual reality is all about recreating a new world with a new activity as if it is real. In training, virtual reality can give the most accurate training but safer, easier, and cheaper than using the real tools and real locations. In education, virtual reality can be the best platform to study as it could even bring students inside our body. Eventually, in all industries, one day, virtual reality will rule the game.

With the help of our team at Visual Experience, we are able to develop virtual reality application in all major platforms. From Oculus to Vive. From Samsung Gear to Google Daydream. From Android to iOS.

Portfolio (Virtual Reality Development)

Mishkat Interactive Center

Virtual Reality Experience of Renewable Energy


Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital

Virtual Reality Training for Stroke Patients

Viewseum by Visual Experience, Virtual Reality from Saudi Arabia

KAUST Museum

The virtual reality merchandise, from KAUST Museum to visitors.

BeThere Makkah by Visual Experience, Virtual Reality from Saudi Arabia

BeThere Makkah

The first ever virtual reality experience of Makkah

The virtual reality simulation of Saudi Aramco, by Visual Experience, Virtual Reality from Saudi Arabia

Saudi Aramco: The Virtual Reality Simulation

The first-ever virtual reality simulation for Saudi Aramco


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